Transforming your life: Coping with a bad break-up

Break ups are difficult. We tend to question ourselves and blame ourselves for it. There are various philosophical and psychological strands of thought which distinguishes human beings as a species needing to create an external reference of them & internalize it. There are constant speculations made by us and our connection to the larger realm of the Universe.  We are always questioning our every move in relation to the world and how the world perceives us. There is a constant moral questioning of whether your actions will be though to be right or wrong and whether we are perceived to be good or bad in a relationship.

The more effective route to take is not to form this external reference but rather an internal frame of reference. This implies that you control the source of your own life. Start seeing yourself and the way you want to see yourself. You decide what’s right for you and what is good for you. Don’t over think about how everyone sees you and don’t try improving yourself according to what others tell you. The only way you can even 

implement change for the better in yourself

is if you decide to do so. You must have a clear idea of the future and the way you see yourself in that future. When you shift your external frame of reference to an internal frame of reference, you start seeing positive changes in yourself and start exuding charisma out into the world.

This is certainly not an easy task and will require an immense amount of will to transform yourself and therefore, your life. Before getting into the laws of self improvement, let’s first understand the concept of a self image. The self image is something that is constructed inside your head about how you perceive yourself. Our mind is a powerful tool that can construct any image and it might be a self image completely different from your reality. This can be dangerous in the long run. Most of us suffer from this form of self delusion. While constructing the self image, you need to understand the type of person you’d want to be and create a clear picture of that in your mind. The important things to note here is self awareness. Constantly question yourself whether this is the sort of person you are and be honest about it.

So I know right now you can’t think about breaking up, but still. There’s nothing like the top 10 breakup songs (sorry!):

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  • Sonny November 17, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Back in april I met this guy and he told me he truly liked me, believed I was gorgeous and stated he wanted to be with me. He broke up with his ex two months before meeting me and told me he was over her and wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. I asked him if he was employing me as a rebound and he said no. He told me he genuinely cared for me and would never ever leave me to go back to her. Immediately after two months of getting with me he out of no exactly where left me for her. He went back to her and absolutely shut me out of his life. He told me I was ugly and that his ex is so a lot far better than I will ever be…which is confusing mainly because everyday just before that day he told me how lovely I was. He even told me I was so substantially sexier than her. He knew I genuinely liked him and trusted him. I had just gotten out of a physically/emotionally abusive relationship a couple of months just before I met him so he knew how vulnerable I was. When he told me it was more than I started crying and begged him not to leave me and I told him I loved him and he told me to shut up and move on. I am so depressed. He just left me like it was no massive deal. He promised me he would never ever hurt me so how could he do this to me and not even care? We are both 17 by the way.We all live in the exact same neighborhood so I see them with each other ALL the time and I get furiously jealous simply because a few months ago that was me with him! I miss him so substantially!!!! I honestly cant manage the discomfort of getting apart from him…he went back to her and forgot all about me.

  • Malcolm Hudson November 22, 2012 at 9:57 am

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